Techcrunch writer has reported about the upcoming Amazon’s Kindle tablet here. Sadly, there isn’t any photos of it yet but it’s a 7-inch tablet with capacitive touch screen (the good type of touch screen!), capable of multi-touch and running a modified Android OS. It is rumored to be launched in November in time for Christmas at a price of about US$250, which is about £154 based on current exchange rate. Why am I not excited at all?

First of all, it is running a modified Android. I’m not surprised, judging by the fact that Amazon wants to drive people to use their services and make money from it. This means I’m stuck with whatever Amazon does with the OS and the one attractive feature of Android is how customisable it is. That is one big factor that is driving people to choose Android over iOS.

Secondly, it is a tablet with an LCD screen. The only reason I would buy Kindle is the e-ink technology. I have an iPad and reading on it was not very comfortable over a long period of time. I’m longing for a color e-ink Kindle!

Thirdly, a launch in November? It’s a tablet without much breakthrough in terms of technology from the rumored description. The rumored specs is already not impressive compared to other dual-core chips in current generation tablets. Launching it 3 months from now, especially with iPad 3 launch looming around the corner… hmmph. Not so sure…

The only attractive thing is the price. At £154 (most possibly it will be selling at a higher price than this in the UK due to taxes), it is significantly cheaper than other tablets.

So yeah, if only the upcoming Amazon Kindle is an e-ink reader with color. I’ll be the first one in the queue.. heheee