Bought a new laptop the other day. Been using Macbook for the past year and decided to upgrade to Macbook Air. I’ve been waiting for the new Macbook Air to launch since early this year! Finally, Apple decided to upgrade it in July 2011 with the new ultra-low-voltage i5 and i7 Intel processors. My old Macbook already has Intel Core 2 Duo, so the 2010 Macbook Air model didn’t appeal to me. I’m glad I waited though as the 2011 version has backlit keyboard and faster processor.

I bought it through the UK Higher Education store and for those of you who qualify for it, don’t pay the extra £49 or so to get the 3-year AppleCare because you do get the 3-year warranty as a default (even though it says only 1-year during purchasing). There was a discussion in MacRumors about it here and here.

I purchased mine online at around midnight, got delivered the next day! It was faster than expected. Delivery was by UPS. Check out my unboxing photos below.

Initial impression: Very slim and light! Could be lighter though. The back-lit keyboard is beautiful but it’s something I can live without. The keyboard is somewhat nicer than my old Macbook.

Mac OS X Lion is nice to use, but the Mission Control… hmm… I’m still used to the Expose and Spaces from Mac OS X Leopard (I’ve skipped Snow Leopard btw). Perhaps I need a bit of time to get used to it.

Now, what app should I get with the £65 gift card?